"To be an effective criminal defense counsel, an attorney must be prepared to be demanding, outrageous, irreverent, blasphemous, a rogue, a renegade, and a hated, isolated, and lonely person - few love a spokesman for the despised and the damned."
- Clarence Darrow


Clarence S. Darrow
Attorney at Law
CA Bar# 00000000

Darrow Law is a fictitious practice. It's named after Clarence S. Darrow, a famous American lawyer from the early 20th century.
He was a prominent civil libertarian and a leading member of the ACLU.

The Scopes Monkey Trial was his most famous case. Substitute teacher John T. Scopes was accused of violating Tennessee's Butler Act by teaching evolution in a state funded school. He was found guilty but the verdict was overturned on a technicality. William Jenning Bryan spoke for the prosecution, Clarence Darrow defended Scopes. The trial drew intense national publicity to the conflict between Modernists who saw evolution as inconsistent with religion and Fundamentalist who believed the Bible took priority over all human knowledge.

Darrow's wit and eloquence make him an enduring source for quotes.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Violent CrimesMurderAppealsAnti-trust violationsBank fraudBribery of public officialsPublic corruptionBomb offenses

Civil Rights

Criminal Civil Rights ViolationsEmployeesGender DiscriminationHate CrimesInstitutionalized PersonsRace DiscriminationReligious DiscriminationWhistleblowers

Labor Law

Contract and rights at workContract of employmentWages and payLabor unionsCollective bargainingRight to organizeCollective actionDirect participation rights


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"If you lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think." -Clarrence Darrow

Darrow Law is a fictitious practice named after a famous American lawyer from the early 20th century. No resemblance to currently practicing attorneys is intended or should be inferred.

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